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The company belongs to Shandong Ying Da industrial group company.
Yingda group main business: real estate development, property management, auto parts, automobile ternary catalytic converter, production of fitness equipment manufacturing sales and import and export business; now Aosheng Jia fitness equipment factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, building area of 25000 square meters, fixed assets produced 20 million yuan.
Group development journey:
[1] Shandong Ying Da Textile Co. Ltd.
[2] Dezhou Modern Real Estate Development Company Limited
[3] Ningjin HuiFu Sunshine Property Management Ltd.
[4] Dezhou Saite Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
[5] Ningjin Hyundai Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
[6] Shandong Aoution Scarlett fitness Audio Supplies Company Limited
Aosheng Jia fitness equipment Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production, sales and service as one of the modern professional fitness equipment manufacturer, to places of fitness club, fitness center, hotel, company, government agencies, schools, medical rehabilitation, provide a full set of fitness solutions, the company has a valuable industry industry for more than ten years experience in technical research and development team, advanced production system and efficient sophisticated management team, the company was first set to become international high-end brand fitness equipment for the development goals.
In recent years, with China's economic take-off, people crave fitness philosophy enjoys popular support, company executives a profound understanding of the Chinese people on the physical health of heartfelt appeal, now the market some well-known foreign brand quality is relatively reliable, but let unmatched price so that consumers have no choice of domestic family workshops cheap tools, under the current fitness equipment market cohabitation, company executives decided to build a price PFP, reliable quality of the fitness equipment to repay the society, which -- Aosheng Jia brand bred and.
Aosheng Jia fitness equipment profound analysis western brands of advanced technology and techniques, the Italian design prospective, manufacturing the A00 series of high-quality power equipment, company independent research and development of the S600 fully enclosed spinning, comparable to the quality of imported products, known as a dark horse in the gymnastical equipment, laid the foundation for the company's strong competitiveness in the market.
Companies adhere to the attitude of sincere cooperation, to greet Happo visitors, is willing to work for our sports cause of growth, the national fitness project smooth implementation and make due contributions.
Whenever where, as long as there are fitness. Fitness movement we! We in center cities across the country set up service outlets, accredited experienced installation, maintenance personnel, timely and efficiently for customers to provide advanced, high-quality security products. Your muscles, relax your spirit, enjoy the fun of fitness! No matter now or in the future, our commitment will not change
From good to excellent, Chinese realize the dream, positive energy transfer, and the development of your total of scarlett!

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