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Fitness novice will encounter several problems: how to choose fitness equipment?

   NO.1 what's the best workout time of the day?
For just in touch, it is recommended to start half an hour after the meal. With moderate exercise experience, exercise at least one hour after meals. For high - intensity exercise with several years of experience, start exercising around 1.5 hours after meals. Best exercise time: -5 p.m. 3 p.m..
   NO.2's choice of fitness equipment
For beginners, you can use the fixed equipment, feel the contraction of muscle, learning the correct mode of action. For experienced partners who are able to control muscle contraction and stretch, they can use the barbell, the back dumbbell, and finally use a fixed device to stimulate muscle growth.
   NO.3 how many times a week do junior exercisers exercise?
   Junior fitness workers recommend 2-3 times a week, 4-5 times a week for an experienced workout. If you want to work out, you have to make a detailed exercise plan that includes daily training programs, diet, rest, etc..
   What are the essential exercises in NO.4 fitness?
   The bench press, squat, deadlift, known as the golden three items of strength training, the secretion of these three actions can stab the male hormone, to stimulate muscle growth, is the three essential fitness project in action.
Does NO.5 require long repair after muscle training?
   The large muscle group needs 48-72 hours to regain growth, and the smaller muscle group needs relatively less time.
What is the principle of NO.6 muscle growth?
   Muscle fibers are torn by training, and under sufficient nutrition and rest, the growth of the muscle is increased and excess recovery is added to increase the dimension of the muscle.
   What does the weight of NO.7 1RM mean?
   RM is the maximum weight that can be accomplished by a standard. 1RM is the weight of an action that can only be done 1 times per group. 4RM is the weight of an action that can only be done 4 times per group.
   What is the relationship between the number of NO.8 movements and fitness?
   The action weight can only do 1~4 growth the absolute strength and stamina, can do 6~12 times increase muscle size, do 16~20 mainly developed small muscles and increase muscle elasticity more than 25 lines, mainly used to reduce fat, improve heart and lung function, body shaping etc..
   How long will NO.9 be able to supplement food after training?
   Half an hour of training can increase muscle eating, buddy with a high carbohydrate and high protein foods, fat buddy mainly low carbohydrate, high protein food.

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