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Family exercise, popular home fitness equipment selection criteria

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Product Introduction
Fitness has always been a healthy sport that people began to pay attention to in ancient times. From running, playing fist to the development of today's gymnastics, yoga and other exercises, but also produced a large number of auxiliary fitness equipment. And because of the development of society, people are under great pressure and time is tight, so that fitness equipment in recent years is very popular with family exercises.
Home fitness is still one of the most important part of our sports life, what kind of equipment suitable for use at home? How is the effect? Today we recommend several suitable for use at home fitness equipment, some equipment function will make you sit up and take notice!
Supine board
Sit ups is a lot of people are very familiar with the action, because of the time, most people must use their feet to hold a thing in order to make the waist to complete the action, therefore, practice at home, spend one hundred or two hundred yuan to buy a very suitable on board.
Do sit ups, abdominal exercises 6 muscles, rapid consumption of abdominal fat, but also can do election, push ups and other actions, so that the upper limb strength has also been strengthened. Because of the small size and light weight of the supine board, it is easy to move and covers a small area.
Generally supine board can adjust height, the higher the height, the intensity of sit ups is also greater. When you start doing it, start at the bottom and rise slowly. After about a month of exercise, you can try to heighten one.
But the height can not be too high, for ordinary fitness workers, 40 to 45 degrees is enough.


The dumbbell is lower than the supine board and occupies a smaller area. Pay attention to choosing the right weights for dumbbells. Usually choose between 65% and 85% load dumbbells, such as the maximum weight you can lift each time is 10 pounds, you need to choose weights between 6.5 and 8.5 pounds dumbbells exercise.
There are many kinds of dumbbells. I suggest you buy one that can adjust the weight. When you want to exercise power, you can choose the dumbbell heavier women, most of them in order to practice the dumbbell shape, can choose a small dumbbell, a small number of times the weight of the dumbbell exercise, not only can exercise shaping, muscle endurance, and at the same time, the consumption of fat.
Not only can the training arm dumbbell, can practise lower limbs, hands holding a dumbbell squat action, you can walk and squat, squat can also place. You can also hold dumbbells, run, do chest exercises, aerobics and so on.
The function of the doughnut is the same as that of the dumbbell, but the weight is lighter, and can be directly sleeved on the wrist. Besides the convenience of use, the utility model is not easy to be tired. You can wear it while running or walking. Even if you wear a little longer clothes, just hide it in your clothes and walk on it. Nobody will find out!
Treadmill is mainly used for lower limbs exercise, can lift buttocks, plastic waist, consumption of fat, belongs to aerobic exercise.
When stepping, you should put your feet flat, not only with the strength of your legs, but with your arms and body weight, and then with your legs. The center of gravity should be biased towards the sole of the foot.
The family has stepping machines, can exercise at any time and place, free from weather and space restrictions, watch TV, listen to the radio, you can exercise. Exercise, pay attention to heart rate control at 120 to 150 minutes per minute, that is, during exercise without asthma.
Three principles of choosing home fitness equipment
1. should be based on the needs of their own conditions
2., the economic situation of the family
3., housing, environment and other external environment
First of all, should be based on their own physical fitness, exercise purposes and favorite way of movement, buy fitness equipment.
Those who are weak, or are recovering, and those who are weak should choose instruments that can withstand their own physical strength, such as exercise cars and rowing machines, stepping machines and tensile trainers. In order to lose weight and keep fit, a multifunctional treadmill is selected.
For the purpose of fitness, you can buy mini big weight lifting, weight lifting bed or thirteen model treadmill. Family economic conditions and housing conditions, can choose thirty-one functions and thirteen functions of the treadmill in the high-end appliances; general conditions, you can buy bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and muscle equipment etc. low instruments.
These fitness equipment is not only low price, suitable for wage earners, but also occupies a small place, practical. At present, the most popular family suitable for the application of multi-functional treadmill, this instrument is fully functional, entertainment and fitness in one, can be a multi use, step in place.
If the housing conditions are not too spacious, you can also choose the twelve function treadmill.
Do you remember these tips? If you happen to be buying some fitness equipment right now, go home. But afraid to buy counterfeit equipment, then come to Gaoqiao stationery City, whether it is lying on the back board, or dumbbell, or a stepping machine, etc., here are all kinds of brand fitness equipment everything Oh ~!

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